Holy Crap! Mid-college life Reflections.

I have not posted a blog in forever. It hasn’t even came across my mind to post in this blog, which is kind of funny because I was so determined to continue writing in the blog. I cannot make any promises anymore because I know for sure that I won’t write in the blog, but I guess it’s sort of nice to see what only I wrote for myself.

Well, it doesn’t seem like a lot has changed for me since the beginning of college. It seems like I was optimistic and motivated to be better as a person back in college. But I don’t truly feel like I fully understood who I was back then. Somewhere, I said I was unsatisfied where I was at. I think it was because I stayed in the same comfort zone for so long. When did I ever break out of my comfort zone in freshman year? I don’t think I did it much actually.. There really isn’t something that pops out to me that I could talk about my freshman year. But I do have a couple of stories now!

Like actually going to raves. Not like the ones on campus.. Oh silly me saying those were raves.. I’ve still as naive as I was though. LED and Life in Color were unforgettable. Maybe the next time you read this, you might have gone to EDC! This definitely isn’t something I thought I would be doing in the past.

I also got a job! A job as a computer science TA for introductory programming classes. This definitely helped my social life and happiness at college A LOT. I could go out whenever I want, and spend whatever I want. But I’ve now since learned to save! I’m trying to keep my budget above $700.

I tried and failed at rushing for a frat! I wanted SAE but doesn’t seem like they wanted me. CJ said that Alex wanted me as his little, and that my name didn’t pop up in the voting process. But I’ll stay feeling skeptical about it. But I think this really got me out of my comfort zone and I realized that I don’t have an infinite amount of time in college. I need to keep moving forward in social and academic!

Other than that, I’m really trying to be a more open person. I want to meet more people and expand my social circle. I am also working on getting out of my comfort zone, which I feel like is a very very important aspect of being in college. What other time can I do this?

Alright, before my sloppy writing gets too out of hand, I’m going to end here. Whenever I come to blog again is unknown to me, but it’ll probably be after a while, or tomorrow. Who knows?

Crack Down

I got a C on my first Muir Writing essay today. It is not what I expected at all. But it’s good that this happened to me. I really need to start cracking down on studying and doing work. Going to a friend’s dorm and playing Catan or Super Smash Bros Brawl for hours upon hours doesn’t seem to be helpful for school at all. What exactly can I start doing to help myself here at school?

1. Plan and schedule days leaning towards education!

This is definitely something I lack. I usually plan for the fun weekends or hanging out with friends, leaving out education. I probably studied less than 10 hours the past week, including going to class! Heck, yesterday I didn’t even attend my classes which is a sure sign of slacking off.

2. Find a place to study peacefully.

Whether it’s at the library or even in my room, the place has to be quiet with attention fully on the work. I can’t be spending countless hours doing something that should only take 1 hour. I have to get rid of distractions.

3. Get enough rest!

Even though on most days I start class at 2 pm, I really need to get my sleeping schedule up to par, and maybe even study in the morning!

All this is very basic stuff that I should have been doing. Lately, my work ethic hasn’t been good at all. I can even compare it to my senior year in high school! College isn’t easy, and I should definitely start treating it that way.

Oh and I almost forgot. I need to stop playing so much ping pong… I’ll end off with a quote

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

-Winston Churchill

Now it may not seem like I am going through hell right now, but it’s definitely a change for the worse for me. If you meet me, I’m a very easily stressed person, so anything with the slightest drama will make me go crazy! But this feeling I’m having right now, of wanting to do better no matter the situation, is good for me. Maybe it’s this “hell” that will keep me on my toes. Yup, it’s time to crack down.



A Not-So-Exciting Weekend

Wow! My weekend was quite boring. I didn’t really do anything or even get any homework done. It was a disappointing weekend to say the least. Last Saturday, there was a rave, but I went too late and was turned away in line because the venue was “full.” I even did a couple things I’m not proud of, but everyone has to say that at least once in their lifetime – it’s the way to live. I did satiate my desire to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Settlers of Catan with my friends this week though.

To make up for the lack of substance, I’ll include a little quote I just searched on the internet.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

– Robert Loius Stevenson
Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/topics/topic_inspirational.html#mYsyW3y2wXr6d3o4.99

I would say this quote really reflects on how my weekend was, and gives me a positive outlook on it. Even though nothing really happened this weekend, it’s the friends I made, the things I found out, and the things I did that will make it all worth it in the future. A little cheesy, I know, but I like to sound profound.

Second Day: Rain Day

My Thursdays here at UCSD suck. Today was definitely one of those Thursdays, starting with my 9:00 a.m. computer science lab. Well, relatively they suck compared to my other days, since I have 2:00 p.m. classes on each one. Actually, I change my mind. Waking up early isn’t so bad because it actually makes me more productive. After my morning class, I go back to my room and finish most of my homework, which is very beneficial so I can go out at night.

Looking positively on things is definitely something I need to embrace. It makes me a happier person and definitely a less stressed one too. It’s great to think “It’s not so bad at all” and maybe others should start thinking the same way too.

Today wasn’t so bad. Today was a good day. Here’s a picture I found on Forbes that really inspired me to feel this way.


I’ll probably get more things from this website.

First Blog, First Day


This blog is the definition of a diary, but that’s what makes this blog funny. I’m doing something I never expected myself to do, and if Mark Zuckerberg had a blog like in the movie “The Social Network”, then I will try one also.

Currently it is a Wednesday of Week 2 of my Freshman fall quarter, and it’s been a hell of a week, or more so than it has been before. I had to finish my blog for CSE 91 before 3:00 today, making it just before the deadline and my Math 20B class. I couldn’t stop thinking to myself that yes, this is college, I’m going to have to step it up and be more organized. But it’s been fun, and honestly, I can’t wait for more.

I would post a picture of the amazing view I have from my room, but I can’t connect my phone to the computer… First World Problems.

Computer Science.. Anti-social?

I’ve been in the CSE program at UCSD for about two weeks now and so far, my first thought of computer science being an “anti-social” major has been proven false. I love the people here! Everyone is intelligent and logical which creates an environment suitable for conversation.